Letter from Founder

Our Climate. Our Community.



Charlottesville is my beloved, adopted home. I take great pride in this community and its people. It is a special place and one from which I expect the best.

We are a community of leaders, of innovators, of folks who want to do the right thing and make the tough choices. It is time to turn our talents and our attention to the climate, to bring our “can do” attitude to this challenge.

Right now, we have the tools, technology and know-how we need to lead, to make a real difference and to show other communities how it can be done. Significant progress is already being made, and much more needs to be achieved. All the resources are here; we just have to decide as a community to roll up our collective sleeves and get to work!

Charlottesville. Climate Action. Collaboration. I founded C3 because each one is essential to meet this challenge. Together - and only together - we can and will do it. Are you ready to do your part? Will you join us?


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Grey McLean
Founder, C3

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