Bold Action Starts With Us

Real change starts with you and me, with all of us! C3 empowers local families, businesses, schools, and government to take meaningful steps that reduce climate pollution and make our homes healthier, our businesses more prosperous, and our community stronger. We are not leading on climate in Central Virginia. Not yet. With you, C3 plans to change that. Learn more about how you can make a difference.

Commercial Program

Businesses across the U.S. are stepping up as leaders of climate solutions. Charlottesville and Albemarle businesses are no exception. To date over 200 local businesses have joined the Better Business Challenge, a friendly competition among businesses, schools, congregations, and non-profits to save money while reducing their environmental impact. They are embracing the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profits.

Residential Program

We all care deeply about our quality of life in Charlottesville and have a strong desire to protect our children's future and our natural resources. Right now, in our own homes, we can reduce pollution, improve health, and save money by reducing energy use and making other lifestyle changes. C3's Home Energy Challenge is a fun, team-based approach to cutting your energy costs while protecting the environment. 

Uniting Community Groups

Climate action is a complex challenge that requires "all hands on deck." When we work together, we will go further. Charlottesville is home to numerous grassroots organizations and other local groups, in addition to outdoor clubs, conservation groups, and nationally recognized environmental nonprofits -- all working to improve our quality of life. C3 wants to unify and empower the initiatives of these groups to lead on climate action without leaving anyone behind.

Working with Schools and Local Government

The University of Virginia, local schools, and local governments are working diligently to reduce energy use and invest in a clean energy future. From rooftop solar project like the array at St. Anne’s Belfield High School to Albemarle County School's six rooftop solar locations, onsite solar solutions have the added benefit of enhancing student curriculum and overall public awareness.  Additionally, UVA recently signed two utility-scale solar projects which will represent 21% of UVA’s electricity footprint. Nevertheless, more needs to be done in this sector. C3 looks forward to working with all of these groups on advancing their efforts.


Creating a Cleaner Future

We’re proud of Charlottesville and passionate about the future we’re creating for our children here. We have the potential to do so much more! To get there, we must work together across all parts of our community. 

Virginia Countryside_Scott Teresi.jpg
This is not a liberal agenda, nor a conservative one. This is the human agenda.
— Paul Hawken, Drawdown

Environmental Justice

The unfortunate reality is that climate change disproportionately impacts our lower income and lower wealth neighbors, those who have the fewest resources to deal with it. 

Low income families suffer real impacts from high-energy costs. High heating and cooling bills can mean fewer groceries or important family prescriptions going unfilled.

C3 is committed to being a positive voice in supporting local efforts to address these inequalities. As C3 embarks on this process, embedding environmental justice into its climate action plans will be key.


We thank photographers Scott Teresi and Andrew Shurtleff for the Albemarle County and Downtown Mall photos respectively, and AHIP for the home repair photo.