Information and Resources from February Meeting

“Channeling the Business Voice on Climate”

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On February 1st over 45 business leaders gathered to learn and discuss opportunities for the local business community to voice and shape the climate action goal setting and planning process that the City and County have embarked upon in 2019. Grey McLean gave 20-minute presentation on climate locally, statewide, and nationally; why businesses should care; and posed the question where would the business community in Charlottesville and Albemarle like to be? A fruitful discussion ensued and feedback cards were distributed before going over two potential policy recommendations. Overwhelmingly the vote was to ask the City and County to adopt a leadership level goal.

Downloadable PDF of Presentation given 2.01.19


C-PACE is a 100% financing tool which has been show to accelerate the implementation of clean energy, energy efficiency, and water efficiency projects in the commercial sector. C-PACE enables the long-term repayment of loans through a property assessment which is tied to the property, not the business.

More details can be found in this C-Pace Handout

Expand Commercial Clean Energy Loan Fund

The Clean Energy Loan Fund (CELF) is an existing program in the City of Charlottesville designed to accelerate the implementation of clean energy and energy efficiency projects in the City. Through the program, LEAP provides energy benchmarking and assessment services to city businesses. To reduce financing costs, the CELF provides an interest rate buy-down program with rates as low as 1.99% APR and terms of up to 10 years, secured, or unsecured depending on the loan amount.

More details can be found in this CELF Handout