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How to Play

Complete at least one action each week and share your photos with us on Instagram or Facebook! Tag us in your posts @cvilleclimate and caption each photo with the tags #C3SummerSprint and the specific tag for the action.

Participants who submit at least one climate action for each of the six weeks will win some C3 swag. Be sure to sign up so we can get in touch!

Read below to find specific tags, information, and resources for all of the actions. Good luck!

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Weekly Information and Resources


Week 1: Community (July 15-21)

  • Link up with C3 for a Group Bike Ride on July 20th! #GardenGroupRide

  • Get a head start on back to school shopping by finding 2 or 3 pre-loved outfits at a local thrift store #MyFashionFootprint

  • Spread the word! Sign up for the next season of the Home Energy Challenge and tell three friends to do the same #HomeEnergyHeroes

  • Get a friend to join the Summer Sprint and check off this action together by hitting the trails for litter control (collect 10 pieces each) #CvillePlogging


Week 2: Waste (July 22-28)

  • Compost food scraps from summer fruits/ veggies and bring them to the City Market on Saturday #CityMarketCompost

  • Prepare for zero waste by bringing your own to-go container when you grab take-out this week #TakeOutPrep

  • Bulk up! Buy your trail mix, granola, or coffee in bulk this week to avoid purchasing #3-7 plastics #ShopEcoSmart

  • Take a reusable straw or spoon with you to the Downtown Mall to get a sweet treat #TreatYourEcoSelf


Week 3: Water (July 29- August 4)

  • Customize your reusable water bottle and take it with you each time you leave the house so you never have to purchase plastic #MyCreativeCanteen

  • Make a short shower playlist to help you shave 3 minutes from your shower time (3 songs/ 10 min. max) #ShorterShowerSongs

  • Collect the rain and use it to water your garden or house plants #RepurposeRainwater

  • Be a leak detective! Find and fix leaky sinks and toilets in your home #CheckTwistReplace


Week 4: Energy (August 5-11)

  • Set your home temp. using the EPA recommended settings for the summer (78°F while you are home and warmer while you are away) #78andSave

  • Have an unplugged evening! Kill the lights, enjoy a sunset picnic dinner, and play cards or board games by candlelight #PurposefulPowerOutage

  • Connect with LEAP and schedule a Home Energy Check Up to get things running more efficiently. At $45, it’s a steal! #LEAPintoEfficiency

  • Check for vampires! Invest in power strips to flip off electronics that are not in use #SlayVampireEnergy


Week 5: Transportation (august 12-18)

  • Vow to bike (or walk) to work, the gym, or the store this week (continue this if you enjoy it!) #CvilleIsForBikers

  • Take the bus at least twice this week #CvilleCATCommuter

  • If you roll with a crew, carpool and submit your best “National Lampoon” inspired photo! #MyCrazyCarpoolCrew

  • Been traveling this summer? Balance those emissions by planting a tree or purchasing offsets! #SummerTravelOffset


Week 6: Food (August 19-25)


Frequently Asked Questions

How does C3 pick the winners?

A: Every participant who completes an action and posts a photo for (at least) one of the options in each of the six weeks will win! Just make sure you are tagging us and using the proper hashtags so that we don’t miss your submissions.

Can I participate if I don’t have social media?

A: If you don’t have a Facebook or an Instagram account, you are still welcome to follow along throughout the Summer Sprint. You can email photos to if you would like to share your progress with us. However, to be considered for the prize, you must post each week on either Facebook or Instagram.

Can I use Twitter to submit my photos?

A: For C3’s Summer Sprint, only photo submissions on Facebook and Instagram will be considered for successful participation.

If I miss the start date, can I still participate?

A: If you join the Summer Sprint after the start date (July 15th), you may still submit photos for each week. You will still be eligible for the prize as long as you complete an action for each week, even if it is after the fact.

Ex. If you join during Week 2, you must still go back and complete a Week 1 action and post it at some point during the six weeks in order to win.

If I win,  how do I get my C3 swag?

A: Participants who complete actions and post photos for each week of the Summer Sprint will be contacted via email to coordinate delivery of C3 swag. If you’re participating, be sure to sign up above and provide your email address so that we can get in touch!