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Building a Better Future for the Next Generation

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Many local institutions of secondary and higher education, both public and private, are working hard to secure a healthier, better future for students, the broader community, and the world. From rooftop solar on area high schools, to joining local initiatives like the Better Business Challenge, climate action by educational institutions has the added benefit of enhancing the curriculum and educating the greater public.

Schools Push for Bold Action

So far 8 independent schools have signed on to a letter urging City and County to embrace an ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal: the Field School, The International School, Peabody School, Renaissance School, Tandem Friends School, Village School, and Waldorf Schools of Charlottesville! To view the letter and details on how to join click here.

Green Schools October 2019 Meeting

Green Schools October 2019 Meeting

Green Schools Network

C3 works with Charlottesville-area schools, both public and independent, to empower educators and staff to make a positive impact. With a focus on sustainable initiatives, climate policy advocacy and community connections, this group meets monthly to harness the power of like-minded, motivated individuals representing various schools in our area.

By working collectively, we can promote a more environmentally sustainable “now” and “future” for our students, staff, and the larger community by sharing best practices and strategies; working collectively to leverage change; and reaching out and collaborating.

Interested in joining this network of green schools? Email claire@cvilleclimate.org.

Our Community. Our Kids. Our Climate.

In 2019, Albemarle County Public Schools won the Better Business Challenge Champion award with their large-scale energy efficiency project that included retrofitting schools with LEDs. To date they have over 3,000 solar panels installed at six schools --Greer, Baker-Butler, Brownsville Elementary School; Albemarle and Monticello High School; and Sutherland Middle School.  Additionally Peabody School impressed the Challenge Awards Night audience by earning multiple awards for their tremendous student-led involvement.

These local institutions bring climate action skills, experience, and know-how to the conversation. Together we can bring solutions that forge a path to a cleaner, healthier future for generations to come.

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