Our Vision, Mission & Goals

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Proud Community. Bold Action.

The Charlottesville Climate Collaborative is a non-profit based in Charlottesville, VA. Our vision is to build a Charlottesville culture of climate action.

C3 aims to catalyze climate action through community-wide collaborations and programs that reduce climate pollution and advance our Charlottesville identity to include climate leadership. We aim to unify and empower local groups so that together we can achieve a positive impact, making Charlottesville an even stronger, healthier community.

Our goals are to:

1)  Expand Charlottesville's identity to include being a Climate Action Leader.

2)  Educate and inspire people and businesses to take action that reduces climate pollution.

3)  Engage and empower a wide variety of community partners.


Charlottesville Climate Collaborative is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.