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Cville Area Businesses are Stepping Up on Climate

For Charlottesville to lead on climate, it is going to take all of us – citizens, government, and for-profit and non-profit businesses.

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Better Business Challenge: Miller School of Albemarle Engages Students and Faculty in Energy-Savings Awareness

Dr. Julie Hebert, who teaches biology and environmental science at Miller School of Albemarle, shares some of the actions she has helped spearhead to save energy and increase sustainability at the school as part of the Better Business Challenge.

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Better Business Challenge: The City Maps Out Strategy to Save Energy and Water Facility-Wide

In this Q&A, Kirk Vizzier, Energy Management Coordinator with the City of Charlottesville, details some of the strategies it has put into motion for improving building performance and sustainability, and how the City is encouraging its employees to do their part to save energy too.

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