Cville Area Businesses are Stepping Up on Climate

CFA Institute's Corporate Sustainability Team

CFA Institute's Corporate Sustainability Team

For Charlottesville to lead on climate, it is going to take all of us – citizens, government, and for-profit and non-profit businesses. 

In recent months, C3 has convened business leaders to discuss local climate planning, and we have been thrilled to learn that many business leaders completely agree. They recognize that businesses have a role to play in helping to reduce community-wide climate pollution. They understand that we are all in this together and that being part of the solution is good for their businesses, their employees, their customers, and the Charlottesville community.  Furthermore, business leaders have valuable insight into how government can help the business community contribute to reaching our community climate goals. 

We are equally impressed with the wide spectrum of voices in support of these efforts. CFA Institute and mobile app developer  WillowTree, LLC, both large employers and leaders in our community, are demonstrating that leadership by being early signatories to a Business Letter to the City and County on their climate goal setting processes. 

Such support is also coming from unexpected places. Perhaps the best example thus far is Tiger Fuel. In addition to installing solar panels on its stores and initiating other sustainability efforts, the local fuel distributor and retailer has also signed on to the Business Letter. 

Finally, our vibrant non-profit businesses are also rising to the occasion. For example, The United Way has signed on to the Business Letter as well, reflecting in leadership what the organization has been doing in practice through energy efficiency via the Better Business Challenge

These organizations are just four of the growing list of businesses who are stepping up to say that it is time for Charlottesville to lead on climate and they want to help. 

We applaud all of you!

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