Chamber President Drives Climate Solutions with Us

Elizabeth Cromwell_DCS_102819.JPG

Tuesday afternoon our Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce President, Elizabeth Cromwell, had a busy afternoon planned with two back to back ribbon cutting events. If you haven’t met Elizabeth yet — she is a gem! For the past year, she has been strongly leading the Chamber to greater heights in our community, having accepted the position a year ago this month!

We took this opportunity to ask Elizabeth if she’d like to take our Nissan LEAF for the day and experience driving an EV for herself. Her response: “I’d love to!”

She drove it on her way to the Dairy Central groundbreaking where she was slated to give remarks. We caught up with her for a quick interview and FB live video.

Tell us a little about your experience?

It was fun! These cars have been a mystery to me in the past, and it’s nice to know how well they handle on the road.

Did anything surprise you?

Not using the brake during e-pedal mode! I am curious if brake lights go one because the car slows down substantially and quickly. [We told her they do!]

Has this inspired a future climate action?

I rent cars from time to time. I will see if this kind of car is available in the future!

Thanks, Elizabeth! You can also check out our impromptu Facebook live video with Elizabeth in the driver’s seat.