We Are Driving Climate Solutions...Literally!

Pete Borches, VP of Carter Myers Automotive and Susan Kruse, Executive Director, C3

Pete Borches, VP of Carter Myers Automotive and Susan Kruse, Executive Director, C3


We are so excited to launch our Driving Climate Solutions campaign this week!

C3 is putting community leaders and influencers behind the wheel of an all-electric, zero emissions* vehicle for a day to experience first hand what it’s like to drive an EV. More importantly we want to spark awareness and conversation among these leaders’ networks about how driving electric or biking, telecommuting, taking public transit, offsetting your air travel, or driving a hybrid can help us reduce our transportation footprint in Cville! We’ll be sharing their experiences on our blog.

And with the ambitious climate emissions reductions goals recently passed by both the City of Charlottesville and the County of Albemarle, C3 stands ready to put solutions like these into high gear in Charlottesville —making them tangible and relevant for all parts of our community. Residents, businesses, nonprofits, and congregations.

This week, Les Sinclair took the LEAF for a day and will describe his experience on air and for our blog that we’ll be sure to share with you next week.

The Nissan LEAF is just the “vehicle” for a larger conversation around what each of us can do, so we hope you will follow this community conversation through our blog and social media: FB, Instagram, and Twitter @cvilleclimate.

We are super grateful to our community partner, CMA’s Colonial Nissan, for partnering with us to make this happen. CMA’s Colonial Nissan was the first dealer in the state of Virginia to install a solar superstructure above their parking deck to power 93% of their energy use at the dealership.


*we recognize that charging an electric vehicle with the current Virginia electricity grid means that there are carbon emissions generated, unless you have solar energy and are able to charge during the day.