“Smart Cooling Rewards” Puts Money in Your Wallet to Enjoy this Summer!

What would you do with an extra $40?  Take the kids out to lunch? Fill up your gas tank for a summer outing?  Watch 10 movies on Google Play?

Well, it’s easy to earn an extra $40 dollars this summer. 

Since 2013 I’ve taken advantage of this program from Dominion Energy: Smart Cooling Rewards.  I know most folks have a bit of a love/hate relationship with our privately owned utility Goliath, but they do have a few incentives here and there that are worth taking advantage of including this one.

Smart Cooling lets you opt into a program where during peak energy demands during the Summer, your A/C can be powered down at pre-determined intervals. Likely this would happen when you’re at work or on your summer vacation.  I’ve been a part of the program for five years now, and I have never been inconvenienced or had any issue.

The grid is like a highway – every time you use energy you are like another car added to the highway.  So you can imagine on days of intense heat, people and businesses are cranking up the A/C and filling the electricity highway.  The utility offers a $40 incentive for households willing to step off the highway for a few. 

Here are the details:

·      The program runs from June 1 to September 30

·      Cycling events are limited to weekdays (no weekends or holidays) typically between 2pm and 6pm for up to four hours

·      During a cycling event, your A/C will operate at 50% of its normal run time, while allowing the fan to stay on

·      You may opt out of two cycling events each summer (this is nice in case you have a party or special circumstance)

·      At the end of the year a $40 incentive is credited to your bill annually

Sign up and enjoy a family night out meal on Dominion!