Why Does C3 Exist?

When it comes to climate action, most of us immediately think of The Government. We think, “The government needs to fix that climate thing. It’s up to them. Why aren’t they doing more?” Guess what?  It’s not just up to them. Here in Charlottesville, the vast majority of the solutions are, in fact, up to us – you, me, our businesses, our institutions. The cavalry isn’t coming. We have to act.


Wait, but doesn’t the government have role?

Yes, of course, every level of government does have an important role to play, but the reality is that they are all support roles. We do need action by the Federal and State government, and we should engage on what form that should take. Here at home, however, the most direct thing for each of us to do is to take deliberate, meaningful action to reduce our own carbon footprint in our homes, businesses, places of worship, and institutions. 


Why is it so important for me to act?  

Well, while our city and county governments accounted for low single digits of local climate pollution in 2011, our homes, businesses, and transportation accounted for 62%! Yes, that is right. We collectively drive local climate pollution, and there is every reason to believe that pollution is growing!  The City of Charlottesville and the County of Albemarle support residents and businesses in taking action (e.g. the EV charging station grant), but under current law, they cannot make us – nor would we want them to.  So, I guess we better figure out what we need to do to reduce our community’s climate pollution.

Pie Chart.png


What can I do?

The good news is that each of us can do a lot. We can get intentional about energy efficiency, renewable energy, and low carbon transportation, to name just a few of the actions we can take.  Local organizations, like LEAP, SunTribe, Sigora Solar, and Generation 180, stand ready to help us.  Furthermore, in 2018, C3 is launching The Better Business Challenge and the Home Energy Challenge to provide fun, easy to use ways to make a positive difference in our businesses and homes.  


So, why does C3 exist again? 

Reducing the Charlottesville Community’s local climate pollution will take all of us, every sector – not just the environmentalists. To be successful, we must do it together. C3 is here to help. That is why we exist.

We encourage you to Add Your Voice and say "Yes" to this important work today.