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Our Mission and Vision


Our Vision

We believe the power to confront climate change resides within our communities. We believe citizens, businesses, and local governments have the power to take action, implement policy, and reduce emissions right at home in Charlottesville and Albemarle County, Virginia.

Our Mission

C3 catalyzes climate action at the community level through collaboration, programs, and advocacy which directly reduce climate pollution and elevate the climate leadership of Virginia communities. 

Our Role

Citizens and advocacy organizations typically look to federal and state governments for climate solutions. Yet, in Virginia, urban and suburban communities are home to 88% of the population and over 90% of income. C3 supports these communities.

C3 places climate solutions directly in the hands of those with the most power to take immediate action.  C3 achieves this by working closely with citizens, businesses, and local governments to develop climate action plans which build in equity while drastically reducing climate pollution.

We believe that C3’s action at the local level can serve as a model for community climate action throughout the Commonwealth and beyond.

Our Objectives

  1. Propel Charlottesville to the forefront of climate leadership by advancing community-led solutions at the local level.

  2. Facilitate local policy development and implementation to catalyze climate action.

  3. Empower local businesses and citizens to take pride in their individual ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and advance climate action.

  4. Address inequities which expose vulnerable communities to increased climate risks.

Our Approach

To achieve these objectives, our whole community - every sector - must come together and do its part. That is where C3 shines. We are focused on engaging each sector, informing them about the benefits of taking climate action, and empowering them with the tangible and measurable solutions to be successful. The Charlottesville Climate Collaborative:

  • Convenes sector leaders to understand barriers to action and to develop, recommend, and advocate for policies that incentivize action and build power as a collective.

  • Provides data-driven technical expertise and hands-on coordination to support custom solutions for businesses and citizens.

  • Deploys strategic communications through multiple channels to elevate climate leaders and mobilize community action.

  • Demonstrates strong support from residents, businesses, and social justice leaders for climate policy measures in order to fast-track implementation and accelerate emission reductions in each sector.

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Bold Collective Action

C3 was created to address what most consider the most pressing issue of our time: climate change.  We are not here to reinvent the wheel. Rather we aim to unify and empower the actions of Charlottesville area families, community groups, schools, and  businesses. 

Bold action, taken together, is the path forward.