Schools, UVA, and Local Government

Building a Better Future the Next Generation

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Many local institutions of secondary and higher education, both public and private, are working hard to secure a healthier, better future for students, the broader community, and the world. From rooftop solar on area high schools, to joining local initiatives like the Better Business Challenge, climate action by educational institutions has the added benefit of enhancing the curriculum and educating the greater public.

Local institutions, including the University of Virginia, comprised 32% of Charlottesville's climate pollution in 2011.  Fortunately, the majority have and continue to make improvements. Still, to make real climate progress, all local institutions must join the effort and lead.  C3 wants to help.

Schools Push for Bold Action

So far 7 independent schools have signed on to a letter urging City and County to embrace an ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal: the Field School, The International School, Peabody School, Renaissance School, Tandem Friends School, Village School, and Waldorf Schools of Charlottesville! To view the letter and details on how to join click here.

Innovation at Mr. Jefferson's University

The University of Virginia is working diligently to achieve a 25% reduction of its climate pollution from 2009 levels by 2025. Their efforts span not only On-Grounds' energy efficiency, green building codes, and rooftop solar (photo below via Sun Tribe Solar), but also Off-Grounds utility-scale solar projects with Dominion Power which will represent 21% of UVA's electricity usage. Additionally, UVA's Darden School of Business is leading in climate action, having recently announced that it is on track to meet its carbon neutrality goal by 2020.

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Our Community. Our Kids. Our Climate.

Just this past year, over 3,000 solar panels were installed at six Albemarle County Public Schools --Greer, Baker-Butler, Brownsville Elementary School; Albemarle and Monticello High School; and Sutherland Middle School.  Since 2010, nine schools have taken part in the Better Business Challenge, taking actions that help their schools save energy, water, and waste and purchase healthier, cleaner products.  Through the Challenge, Charlottesville High School reduced landfill waste with lunchtime composting and the Miller School of Charlottesville had a LEAP conduct an energy audit of their main campus building.

These local institutions bring climate action skills, experience, and know-how to the conversation. C3 looks forward to collaborating with these organizations and, wherever possible, connecting them with others in the community who would benefit from their knowledge. Together we can bring solutions that forge a path to a cleaner, healthier future for generations to come.


Helpful Resources

UVA's Office of Sustainability - find out what UVA is doing across grounds.

Charlottesville Better Business Challenge - local institutions can join this community-wide program.

UVA’s Renewable Energy Tracker uses real-time data to help students, faculty, staff and the community stay up to date on the University’s progress towards a robust renewable energy portfolio.