Cville Homes are Taking Climate Action Personally!

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Climate change is complex and seems insurmountable. Do the changes we are making actually make a difference? The answer is, “Yes, they do!” — especially when we take action together.

What is the Home Energy Challenge?

The Home Energy Challenge is a fun, informative, and practical way to reduce our collective carbon footprint! It makes climate action personal, measurable, and tangible — where we see the potential cost savings, climate emissions reductions, and positive impact we can make together, as a community.

We’re Rocking This Challenge!

Community Leaderboard (as of 1/15/19)

Community Leaderboard (as of 1/15/19)

How do I start?

We are currently in the middle of the fall season which will end in February 2019. February 28, 2019 we will host a community gathering to celebrate our progress.

We will start hosting Power Parties for our spring season in January 2019 – signups— volunteer to host yours today (email to schedule yours)!

What’s involved?

  • Host or attend a house “Power Party” with friends

  • Fill out your Energy Profile

  • Start taking action — solo or with a team

  • Make a difference and celebrate!

What’s a Power Party?

We want to use the power of our social networks to create positive change, so C3 is teaming up with households, neighborhoods, and community groups to conduct "Power Parties."

These house parties are a great way to connect with friends and support each other in reaching a common goal.


Join us in taking climate action up a notch!