Cville Homes are Taking Climate Action Personally!

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Climate change is complex and seems insurmountable. Do the changes we make actually make a difference? The answer is, “Yes, they do!” — especially when we take action together.

What is the Home Energy Challenge?

The Home Energy Challenge is a fun, informative, and practical way to reduce our collective carbon footprint! It makes climate action personal, measurable, and tangible — showing us the impact of actions such as potential cost savings, climate emissions reductions, and the progress we make together, as a community.

We’re Rocking This Challenge!

Home Energy Challenge Progress (as of 6/4/2019)

Home Energy Challenge Progress (as of 6/4/2019)

How do I start?

Charlottesville-area households are currently competing in Season Two of this Game of Homes (wrapping up at the end of June 2019). If you’re interested in starting a team in the Home Energy Challenge, we will begin recruitment for Season Three in mid-August. Get ready to save a ton!

Ready to take the lead?

Volunteer to host a Power Party and be a Team Lead (email to get started)!

What’s involved?

  • Host or attend a house “Power Party” with friends

  • Fill out your Energy Profile

  • Start taking action — solo or with a team

  • Make a difference and celebrate!

What’s a Power Party?

Using the power of social networks to create positive change, C3 is teaming up with households, neighborhoods, and community groups to conduct "Power Parties."

These house parties are a great way to connect with friends and support each other in reaching a common goal. The Power Party host typically assumes the role of Team Lead, although in rare cases one individual will host a party and another member of the team will take on the role of Team Lead. Email to learn more.


Join us in taking climate action up a notch!