Local Incentives for Saving Energy



If you’re a City of Charlottesville Gas Customer, switch to a programmable thermostat and cash in on a $100 rebate!

Who can help me do this?

Purchase a programmable thermostat from your local heating/cooling provider, then check out the City of Charlottesville website for your $100 rebate.

Smart Cooling

Want to save $40 on your energy bill this summer? Opt into Dominion’s program to power down your A/C during peak hours.

who can help me do this?

Visit Dominion’s Smart Cooling Rewards page to learn more about the program and call 1 (800) 366–8280 to enroll.

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Home Energy Checkup

Request a LEAP (Local Energy Alliance Program) energy checkup of your Charlottesville home. It costs $45 and will help you find specific ways to lower your energy bill.

Who can help me do this?

Call Local Energy Alliance Program Inc. at (434) 227–466 today!

Tankless Water Heater

Get a $200 rebate when you switch from an electric, propane, or natural gas water heater to an energy-efficient, tankless one!

WHO Can help me do this?

Purchase a tankless heater from your local provider, then check out the City of Charlottesville website to find rebate instructions.



Go Solar

Solar is cheaper than ever before. Earn a 30% federal tax credit and a City of Charlottesville tax exemption on solar equipment when you make the switch.

Who can help me do this?

Find out more on the City of Charlottesville’s website.

Local providers include Altenergy Inc., Sigora Solar, Sunday Solar, and Suntribe Solar.


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