Let’s Lose 100 tons & reach 100 households in 2018!


C3 is teaming up with households, neighborhoods, and community groups to make climate action personal and fun through a series of "Power Parties" to fuel a community-wide Home Energy Challenge. It’s a super-informative, accessible, and social way to reduce our community’s carbon footprint.  

The challenge will have a fall and spring season: September through February and then from February through May. We will gather the community to celebrate our progress in February and then again June.

Our model is based upon the power of social networks. Team up with your friends to make a difference by hosting a Power Party!

How Power Parties work

A volunteer host invites their friends over and everyone enjoys catching up over drinks. Then a member of the C3 team talks about the initiative, why it's important, and what we can do as households to make a difference on climate. From there, households can sign up at and take action within a team or on their own. 

With our platform, you can calculate your carbon footprint according to Charlottesville/Albemarle-specific data. You can select from a menu of actions, which displays projected cost, potential savings, and the positive environmental impact, to make a personal plan for your household. We’ve also added local resources to have at your fingertips.

The cool thing is that you'll be able to see the combined impact of everyone's actions on a community-wide dashboard!

And did we mention it will be fun?

Lena's House Party Aug.jpg


Behind every good party is a great host! Hosting a power party is easy and fun.

Before the Party:

  • Invite 5 to 10 households to your home

  • Communicate with C3 about who's coming and general logistics about set up (space, internet access, etc.)


  • Provide finger foods/appetizers and drinks

  • Have fun!

  • Let C3 do the rest! We'll bring our projector and presentation


  • Help us find a “team lead"

  • Send Thank You & HEC Link

  • Relay any helpful feedback back to C3

  • Connect any guests interested in hosting to C3

Totally up to you:

  • Include kids or not

  • Co-host with a friend (if so, shoot for 10+ invites)

  • Create your account and a team before hand

  • Create a theme at your party to increase the fun factor


Of course guests are the central ingredient of a great Power Party and team-approach to making a climate difference in Charlottesville!

By making climate action personal and fun, we're hoping to spur individuals to invest in energy savings actions their home and shift their lifestyle to more climate-friendly habits to create a cleaner, greener and stronger community.

So have fun, then sit back and learn how we can lose a ton, together.

Team Lead

The key to a successful team is having a designated motivator who is organized and willing to rally folks!

You don't have to be a climate expert or be uber green.  And we know you're busy, so we've made it easy! Here's what we ask of our team leads:

  • (Optional) Host a Power Party or (Required) Attend a Power Party

  • Join the Home Energy Challenge

  • Create and name a team

  • Commit to nudging team members 1-2 times per month during the season


Are you a good communicator? Are you passionate about helping Charlottesville lead on climate action? We are looking for enthusiastic and passionate people to help us reach more households and make an even bigger impact.  Email to learn more.


Join us in taking climate action up a notch!