Green Business Alliance

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Charlottesville Climate Collaborative’s Green Business Alliance (GBA) is a leadership circle like-minded mid and large-size businesses committed to managing their energy use, reducing costs, mitigating risk, and reducing their climate impact. Members embrace a shared climate action commitment and are empowered to achieve that commitment through solutions that work for their business. C3 provides the structure and support for the GBA and its members, as well as public relations to bolster member value. The GBA will also provide a forum to develop policy recommendations which advance members’ clean energy, energy efficiency, and transportation objectives.

Members commit to:

  • Track and review energy use, cost, and performance over time.

  • Calculate their scope 1 and scope 2 emissions on an annual basis.

  • Commit to an achievable but meaningful reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by a date in the near term.

  • Undertake a material energy management and/or climate-mitigating project on an annual basis.

The public launch with an announcement of the Green Business Alliance’s collective emissions reduction goal will be held in fall of 2019.