Faith-Based Organizations

Caring for Creation


Faith organizations across the nation are embracing environmental stewardship and caring for creation in a variety of meaningful ways, understanding that we have a moral responsibility to be good stewards of the Earth. For too long the misaligned priorities of a few have put our climate out of balance, damaging our land, water, and air, and causing harm, especially to those with fewer resources. 

C3 would like to empower faith organizations with the necessary tools to help their congregations and families take action for the good of creation. 

Better Business Challenge-- It's Not Just for Businesses!

Since 2011, the following faith organizations have benefited from their participation in the Challenge with onsite visits, free resources, and education:

  • Church of the Incarnation
  • Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Universalist
  • Unity Church
  • Westminster Presbyterian Church

In 2018, C3 will continue the Better Business Challenge and additionally launch the Home Energy Challenge:  two programs that can help trustees of houses of worship and congregation homeowners save money, while helping reduce climate pollution. 


Helpful Resources

C3 Home Energy Savings Guide to Local Incentives

List of Local Groups