Local Businesses take the Challenge and win!

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Past Challenge Winners
Better Business Challenge Winners onstage at the Paramount Theater in Downtown Charlottesville. Photo credit: Adam Mohr. June 2014.

Every dollar counts for a small business. The Challenge helped us cut energy costs so we can make more profit.”
— Tuel Jewelers

The Charlottesville Area Better Business Challenge is coming back in 2018!

A friendly competition…

The Better Business Challenge is a friendly competition that encourages businesses to achieve cost savings through energy efficiency and other actions on the "Challenge" Scorecard.

Based on smart investments…

Whether you’ve long been a longstanding player in the green business game or are just warming up, the Better Business Challenge is the starting point to a network of leading Charlottesville businesses who come together to learn innovative ways to incorporate energy smart solutions and sustainable business practices into their operations, while gaining community-wide recognition for these efforts!

That yields powerful results.

The first Challenge (2011), 106 businesses participated in taking x number of actions and saving x [grant summary]. In the second round of the Challenge (2014), 78 businesses joined-- from locally owned businesses like Harvest Moon Catering to nationally-recognized brands like Whole Foods and Plow and Hearth.

Last Challenge Positive Impact:

  • 78 businesses
  • 450 actions
  • $185,000 saved
  • 1,000 hrs of direct support
  • Reduced CO2 by 1,823 tons – taking 4,279 cars off the road

The Playing Field

Better Business Challenge was started in 2010 by Better World Betty in partnership with the Local Energy Alliance. Key partners include the City of Charlottesville, Albemarle County, the UVA Darden School of Business, and the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce.

In 2018, the Challenge will be powered by C3 and will focus primarily on Energy. Businesses will rack up as many points as they can in a 9-month period to see who will rise to the top.  Any Charlottesville, Albemarle, [other counties??] business, restaurant, school, congregation, retail, office or non-profit can join.

Now it's your turn!